Darkest Hunters released on Steam – Logic, tactics, puzzles

Darkest Hunters is out today on Steam. A combination of logic and tactics, puzzles land RPG, it’s quite possibly a thinking man’s game.

Darkest Hunters’ Gameplay

Based on arriving at a certain point or defeating opponents, the player moves, collecting the various coloured crystals that increase the wealth of the gold pouch – or, they obtain points for health, attack and magic.

Take note though: collecting crystals in a long sequence is very important for success – grabbing several of them during one turn is what you want to aim for. This allows you to quickly replenish your health, attack and magic points and create special crystals, which activate a “chain reaction”.

The effect of that reaction is a “one-time” gathering of a large number of consecutive crystals, meaning significant damage to your opponents.

Getting the hang of it?

In single-player mode, Darkest Hunters offers a total of 5 different lands, each with their own missions, including clashes with nasty bosses. The player has several different characters to choose from too.

You can check out some gameplay below to see if it’s for you:

What do you think?

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