Seven: The Days Long Gone new gameplay shown off

Ok so imagine you are Teriel, a Master of Thieves, with quite a lot of useful skills, including invisibility, flash and chromosphere. Who could forget that last one?

And to be fair, you’re also quite good at setting traps, sneaking around and using various weapons.

These weapons include spears, swords, daggers and axes. They differ in individual range, hit speeds and special attack options.

Which brings us nicely to the new gameplay video of Seven: The Days Long Gone, which shows us all of this fancy stuff in action.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to get a taste of the music in the game, created by Marcin Przybyłowicz, the composer of Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. Interested now? I know I am…

You can watch the new gameplay here:

Seven: The Days Long Gone is coming to PC, we hope, this year. Stay tuned to D-pad Joy for more information shortly.

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