That new character in Arms is called Lola Pop – she’s a deadly French clown with nunchucks

Grab your Switch. Arms has a new character for you to try out: Lola Pop, a French clown that uses nunchucks to take her opponents down. Why not?

Lola Pop comes with three Arms and a shiny new stage to play on. She’ll be available as part of “v3” of the game, which is expected very shortly. Although we don’t know when that is…

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to catch her in action on a livestream from Nintendo of Europe’s YouTube channel at 9 am (BST) tomorrow.

That’s not all though, Arms is also getting another “Global Testpunch” this weekend. You’ll be able to try it out with a free demo available to download on the Nintendo eShop. It’s going live from 3 pm (BST) this Friday to Sunday at 8 pm.

You can view the reveal trailer for Lola below. The stage music sounds like French Mario Kart at certain points. No surprise, considering it’s the same team.

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