Top 5 Best Food-Based Game Levels… Ever!

Over here at D-pad Joy, we love two things. Firstly and foremost, we love gaming. Secondly, we adore food. And what’s better than enjoying these two things separately? Enjoying them together.

And when food and gaming mix, it is a glorious thing. So in light of this, here are our absolute 5 best food-based game levels… ever!

5) Toasty Buns – Parappa The Rapper 2 (PS2)


The original Parappa The Rapper game had some of the most inventive and creative music ever seen in a video game. It was catchy, well-produced and fit the game perfectly. So there was a lot of pressure for the sequel to live up to its predecessor.

Needless to say, all fears were alleviated as soon as this level started up. The graphics were massively improved, the sound quality was fantastic and the game was much, much more polished than anyone had expected.

Also, did anybody else finish this level with a mad craving for burgers? McDonald’s, here we come.

4) 1.1 – Zool (Amiga)


To be honest, I could pick any level from the Zool franchise. It seemed wherever you turned, whatever level you were on, Zool was choc-a-block full of candy canes, jelly bean and of course, the infamous Chupa Chup lollipops!

Playing this game with a big bag of M&M’s beside you has never felt so satisfying and oddly enough, I always find myself returning to the Zool franchise every Easter…

3) Sweet Sweet Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)


What’s not to love about this level? As soon as you fly in you’re met with a luxurious view of creamy chocolaty ledges, sweet sponge cubes and a delicious cake at the end of the level. I’ve got a feeling this level was deliberately designed to make the user salivate.

The level itself, although one of the smaller levels within the game, is deceptively tricky. It’s very easy to make a wrong move here, but then who cares? One more play through means one more time gazing longingly at the creamy goodness…. *drools*

2) Chocolate Factory – Castle of Illusion (Master System)


The third level from the Master System version of Castle of Illusion is surprisingly quite varied in its level design. You start off with a moving screen, trying desperately not to be caught out. There are narrow parts, wide open parts, swimming parts and good old fashioned platforming. You travel left, you travel right all whilst surrounded by chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

I have a lot of time for this level. It is as fun to look at as it is to play. The only thing that keeps it off the top spot is the rather easy final boss battle, unfortunately.

1) Jelly Jitters – Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (Mega Drive)


Micro Machines 2 is the undisputed don of frantic, race spoiling fun! With the ability for 8 players to play simultaneously, all jousting for position, deliberately knocking one another off and racing for glory, how could you not have fun whilst playing this masterpiece?

Now there were a lot of great tracks in MM2 but some of the trickier ones took place on a breakfast table. Jelly Jitters always seemed to be a track that was oddly difficult. You had to race big digger trucks which took ages to reach top speed. The challenge lay in avoiding hitting anything as if you did, you would lose a lot of time. Stupidly good fun though.

What would you pick, reader?

What do you think?

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