The future of retro gaming is Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Snake, according to new research

New research from games room specialist Liberty Games has revealed that Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Snake might replace Pac-Man, Mario, and Lemmings as the retro games of the future.


  • Liberty Games polled 1,500 Britons to find out the future of retro gaming.
  • Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Snake came out on top.
  • Nearly three-quarters of Britons now want their own arcade at home rather than going down to their local one – where exactly are the arcades anyway?

Here were the results of the poll:

  • Candy Crush – 51%
  • Angry Birds – 39%
  • Snake – 20%
  • Pokémon GO – 17%
  • Other – 18% (Including Clash Of Clans and Tetris)


Stuart Kerr, Technical Director at Liberty Games, said:

“Gaming has changed significantly since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Today, we have smartphones which have become integral to our lives. As well as keeping in touch with people, reading the news and sending emails, we play games on them, usually through an app.

“And while in yesteryear we’d head to our local arcade, today home games are popular, too – who hasn’t dreamed of having their own games room complete with pool tables and arcade machines?”

The data indicates that the most popular retro games of the future are set to be app-based as people shift towards mobile gaming. However, it’s also clear from these last few years that the dedicated games console business, as well as PC gaming, is still very much a thing. The demand for Crash Bandicoot in the UK, for example, is real.

What do you think the future of retro gaming will look like?


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