The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is coming next year to PC and Mobile

Huey Games is bringing upcoming point and click adventure, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, to PC, Mac and mobile devices in 2018.

Developed by Lightfoot Bros, The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is a brand new otherworldly adventure game designed for all ages. Players will explore a surreal and fantastical world as a group of renegade time-travelling audio scientists who are on a quest to save kidnapped children from a malevolent witch – never a good thing!

Backed by adventure gaming legend Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island), the game boasts a rich storyline, quirky characters, colourful cartoony visuals and some cracking music.

Rob Hewson CEO & Creative Director at Huey Games, said:

“We’re all huge fans of adventure games here, so naturally we’re over the moon to be collaborating with Lightfoot Bros on Woolley. It’s a completely charming, funny adventure that I really think people are going to fall in love with.”

Gamers can get their hands on an exclusive demo by pre-ordering the Collectors USB Cassette edition of Hyper Sentinel. The discount code is “wooll3y” – you can thank us later!

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