The next character coming to Street Fighter 5 is Abigail from Final Fight

The next DLC character for Street Fighter 5 has been revealed: it’s Abigail, a boss from 1989’s classic Final Fight.


  • Abigail was a very difficult (cheap) boss in Capcom’s beat ’em up Final Fight. He was designed this way presumably so you’d spend all your cash at the arcades:
  • He now joins Street Fighter 5 and he’s ridiculously oversized. This guy is a grappler, with powerful moves that absorb attacks.
  • The ‘Mad Gear Gang’, the criminal gang from Final Fight, recruited Abigail to do their dirty work.
  • Abigail is coming on the 25th July and is the fourth DLC character from Street Fighter 5’s second season. He follows the other DLC characters: Akuma, Kolin and Ed.
  • He’s accompanied by a brand new stage from Metro City – the city in which Final Fight took place.
  • Two more characters are set to be released as well – it’s not been revealed who they are, however.

You can see the behemoth of a man below. Who would you like to make the roster next?

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