The Tomorrow Children shut down less than a year after launch

I really wanted to use the headline “Here Today, Gone The Tomorrow Children”, but I’m a real professional, so I didn’t. Are you proud of me?

Brilliant pun-filled headlines aside, it’s pretty sad to see such a weird and ambitious game not find an audience and get shuttered so quickly.


  • The Tomorrow Children launched in Early Access on September 2016 and was a PS4 exclusive. It was originally a $20 game but soon converted to a Free to Play model.
  • The game was a weird mixture of MMO, Minecraft and Godzilla defense simulator – which perhaps explains why it never found an audience.
  • All services are to end November 1st 2017.

The danger with online games is that as soon as the servers are switched off, the game ceases to be. Years of hard work, hours of audio and tons of user-created world will all be eradicated with the flick of a switch. Enjoy it whilst you can.


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