Skull & Bones features a story campaign – it’s not just PvP battles

There has been some worry surrounding Ubisoft’s new Skull & Bones pirate game – announced at E3 last week. Namely, that worry was directed at what appeared to be a game obsessed with PvP battles and not much else. Well fear not folks, Skull & Bones will have a story campaign for those that want to dive a little deeper into the world.


  • In an interview with PC Gamer, Ubisoft Singapore’s PR manager, Alex Monney, has said that “players will encounter iconic characters and memorable rival pirates”.
  • He made it clear that the multiplayer experience and story campaign are “integrated” into the same game world – they are not different modes
  • Monney suggested that more details about this narrative campaign are coming in the future
  • The game will be released Q3/Q4 next year for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms

You can find some footage of Skull & Bones below. Does having a dedicated story campaign make this game more appealing to you, or is it just not for you? Let us know in the comments below, if you please.


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