Nintendo Switch system update 3.0.0. adds Wii U and 3DS friends, extra power to your headphones, more!

Nintendo has decided to randomly roll out a new system update for the Switch today – you know, like they do. The system update 3.0.0. brings quite a few welcome features too, including the option of adding your old Wii U and 3DS friends.

As explained by the friendly ‘Amelia N’ on your Switch, here’s everything it adds:

  • 3DS and Wii U friends will now appear as ‘friend suggestions’
  • You’ll now be notified when a friend comes online (some folk have said this already happened for them anyway)
  • You can search for your controllers that are paired to the console, they vibrate to let you know!
  • New Splatoon 2 pictures to choose from for your user icon
  • You can now change the speaker volume from quick settings – very handy
  • The headphone volume limit has been increased – for those epic late night sessions
  • You can now like and dislike posts from Nintendo – feedback is fun kids
  • You can now follow specific game channels for updates on that game – new channels are being added right now

That’s your lot for now. While the Switch’s update adds nothing drastic, a lot of these new features will come in very useful. This writer is looking forward to connecting with old friends from the Wii U and 3DS in particular!

Have you got the update yet?

What do you think?

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