Hidden Gems: Hot Indie Steam games this week (17/06)

There have been some great indie games released on Steam, here’s a few we selected for this week. You might discover a wonderful experience in this mix:

Flood of Light

A lovely hand-drawn 2D RPG adventure game with a beautiful soundtrack. Play as a mysterious girl in a raincoat – stop the rain, save the city with the power of light and discover her story.

A Room Beyond

A fresh artsy take on point and click games with a mosaic pixel art, 2.5D graphics and a philosophical story full of twists and turns. If you like Poe-esque and Victorian inspired horror fiction, this game is definitely for you!


Manipulate time and cheat death in this fast-paced, jam-packed action shooter platformer. Choose from 4 unique weapons, 7 enemy types, basically adapt to your surroundings quickly or it’s game over…


Let’s go to a dark, cutesy pixelated classroom where you learn, share, grow and survive. Alter your choices for different outcomes and plotlines – Kill or be killed in this colourful puzzle adventure game.


A old-school, classic first person shooter full of energy and frantic action gameplay. Inspired by Doom and Quake – there’s lots of fun to be had!

Kreedz Climbing

Surf, jump, bunnyhop, (there are many disciplines to master) in this jump and run puzzle-platformer hybrid. Play against the clock with other players or play how you want in this free indie game!


A charming musical puzzle game starring Chromie the cat. Customise your kitty and unlock accessories, game modes and six songs (more on the way too!).

Little Miss Lonely

A unique, hand-drawn on paper style side-scrolling narrative-driven game. Play as a nine-year old girl named Robin and explore childhood, fear and relationships in this short, yet beautiful experience.

Lazer Cops

An 80’s inspired retro bullet-hell with a twist, players are connected by a ‘Lazer Tether’. The best way to destroy enemies is to wrap your ‘Lazer Tether’ around them, then watch them explode into pieces. Very satisfying. Play with up to 4 buddies on co-op or go solo.

Colony Survival

A sharp-looking, first-person, voxel real-time strategy game. Micromanage, multitask, command, build and defend your colony against the monsters that come at night. Oooh… and there is also multiplayer and co-op modes.

What do you think?

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