E3 2017: ‘A Way Out’ Reveal Trailer, from the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

At the E3 press conference for Electronic Arts, known as EA PLAY, they unveiled new DLC’s, sequels and a couple of new IP’s, one of which is looking to bring back the beloved split-screen experience. Rising from the success of the hit 2013 title, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out focuses on delivering a true co-op game, making it a must to continue through the story with a friend.

Starting off in prison, you’ll follow Vincent and Leo, two inmates drawn to each other and adhered a bond formed by one goal, to escape prison. Footage taking you through the escape itself and the epic journey afterward, high-tense moments are sure to ensue in this duo’s adventure.

Showcasing the use of split-screen by viewing a cinematic on one side, and controlling gameplay on the other, moving through the story seamlessly works beautifully. The reveal trailer gives gamers plenty of footage of how well this works and a grasp on the entertaining protagonist couple. With street-style brawls, gun shoot-outs with cops and a broad range of settings, A Way Out looks to fill every reason we still need co-op story gameplay.

Check out the official E3 trailer below and check back for more updates upon the release of A Way Out, coming early 2018.

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