(Updated, NFS Payback announced): New Need for Speed to be revealed on June 2nd

Update: First trailer here for Need for Speed Payback coming November 10th:

The upcoming racer from Ghost Games tentatively titled “Need for Speed 2017” is set to be fully revealed tomorrow. Coming straight from the Need for Speed Facebook, the reveal is set to happen at 6am PST. Not much is known about this upcoming installment, other than you will be able to play the game offline, unlike the 2015 version. Additionally, as expected, car customization is expected to be back and be better than ever. Ghost Games had this to say about car customization in the upcoming racer “It’s not going away and it will play as strong a role as ever as we move forward into the next game and beyond.”

Along with the announcement, EA also reveled a teaser image. This image shows a Nissan R34 GT-R burning out with a cities skyline in the background. This city hiding behind the smoke is assumed to be the location for the new game. The question is, what city is it? There are some rumblings online that the building on the right hand side of the reveal photo is either the Space Needle from Seattle, the CN Tower from Toronto or the Stratosphere Tower from Las Vegas. Well, by being a Seattle Native, I can pretty safely assume that the tower depicted in this picture is not the Space Needle. The needle is too long and the shaft of the building does not look anything like the three-legged structure of the Space Needle.

Need for speed

So, where does this game take place? Toronto, Seattle, Vegas or a fictional city? My best guess is it takes place in a fictional city that they created exclusively for this game, because in my humble opinion, the tower depicted in the reveal photo does not look like any of the iconic buildings mentioned above. Also, all of the previous “Need for Speed” titles from Ghost Games have taken place in fictional cities. I could be wrong, but who knows at this point. The only way to find out is to catch the full reveal tomorrow, which will more than likely have some new information, a trailer and maybe even some gameplay.

Does the news about the upcoming Need for Speed excite you guys? What do you think of the potential setting? And, will you be tuning into the full reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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