Kyrie Irving is the cover star for NBA 2K18

NBA champion, and all-star Point Guard for the Cleveland Cavilers Kyrie Irving has been announced as the cover star for the standard edition of NBA 2K18. This announcement comes right as the NBA finals are about to begin where Kyrie’s Cavs go against Steph Curry and the Warriors, in a rematch of the finals from last year. The real question is will the Warriors blow a 3-1 lead….. again?

All jokes aside, this is the second cover announcement from 2K Sports regarding the upcoming NBA 2K18. Just last month 2K announced that none other than NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal will be gracing the “Legend Edition” of 2K18. So, Kyrie will be on the standard $60 version of 2K18, while Shaq will be on the pricier versions of the game.

This is a similar but also different direction for 2K this year regarding the covers. For 2K17, they had three different cover athletes for the standard edition. Who were Steph Curry, Anothony Davis and James Harden. Additionally, they also had a “Legend Edition” with Kobe Bryant gracing that cover. For 2K18, they seem to be keeping it more simple with a single cover for each version of the game. And, these new covers can be seen below.

shaq  kyrie

Which cover do you like better and why? Also, do cover athletes make you lean in one way or another about which version of the game you’re going to purchase? Let us know in the comments below!

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