Hidden Gems: Steam indie games released this week (24/05)

There have been some great indie games released recently on Steam, here’s a few we selected for this week. You might discover something weirdly wonderful in this mix:

The Fidelio Incident

From the Art Director of God of War 3, this first-person thriller has been inspired by Beethoven’s only opera, Fidelio, and is set in Iceland after a violent plane crash.



Consume all life as a serpentine demigod in this beautiful Norse Snake-esque style game – nom nom!


Nano Project

Blast your way through this 90’s inspired FPS with a pulsating soundtrack and old school graphics.


Empyrean Frontier

A real-time strategy game based in space with two opposing factions – build your base, upgrade your fleet and conquer the galaxy with skirmish battles and campaign mode.



A unique, energetic racing game with hovercrafts; your vehicle is your life and you need to clear your debt, take on quests and be the best smuggler!


Dead Realm

A hide and seek style game to play with friends, just don’t die, scream, laugh or breathe…


The Superfluous

A gorgeous looking, fast-paced 2D pixel game described as a ‘cave-diving, sci-fi, rogue-lite, platformer’.



A cyberpunk twin stick shooter game – blow up asteroids, avoid cops and enjoy a quirky chiptune soundtrack.



Don’t underestimate this cutesy RPG word game – the longer the word the bigger the blast!


Grab the Bottle

This puzzle game looks more of a party style game and an icebreaker, with nice ‘cartoony’ comic book visuals and a decent soundtrack.


Donut Distraction

Why not? This wacky, fun, colourful VR game will have you laughing as you dodge donuts, collect donuts and destroy donuts with your trunk, yes that’s right, trunk… you play as a floating elephant head.


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