New, third gameplay style introduced to Sonic Forces with “Custom Hero” trailer

With two new Sonic games releasing this year, one being the rebirth of the classic 2D side-scroller, Sonic Mania coming this summer, and Sonic Forces, a hybrid of the classic era and modern era Sonic games, more info is surfacing about the latter. Just announced is the third gameplay style for Sonic Forces, allowing the player to create their very own hero with hundreds of customizable clothing and accessory options.

Each new character in the game comes equipped with a new, unique and powerful gadget called a wispon. Giving offensive abilities to the character as well as making platforming through levels quicker, the new items don’t stop there. Each hero also comes with a grappling hook allowing you to swing through certain areas of levels, quickly gaining ground while traversing across the zones.

Customizing your hero will give you seven different animal types, each coming with their own unique ability, effectively giving a small boost in one way or another. Each animal type and its corresponding ability is as follows:

  • Wolf: Rings are automatically drawn to the player
  • Rabbit: After receiving damage your invincibility time is increased
  • Cat: Instead of losing all your rings after being hit you keep one
  • Dog: After the player dies you restart with 5 rings
  • Bear: Uses a homing attack to blow enemies away
  • Bird: Equipped with a double jump ability
  • Hedgehog: When getting damaged you collect rings

These bonus abilities feature throughout the main game. Your hero is also a major part of the story and is crucial in helping Sonic save the world from Eggman once again.

Be sure to stay posted for more on the next two installments from the Sonic franchise up until their release, this summer for Sonic Mania, and this coming holiday for Sonic Forces on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Catch the “Custom Hero Trailer” below!

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  1. word on the street is that shadow the hedgehog is Wheatley’s favorite sonic character ever.
    (told you i would leave a rude comment for yeah :p)

    The only real question is if that the totally not a DBZ scouter lets you read the power level of you opponents and if it blows up in your face if they raise their power level too fast. This is the real hard hitting question that needs to be asked!

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