Breath of the Wild DLC Details Revealed

The Nintendo Switch has been breaking records and making headlines all over the world. Much of this wouldn’t have been possible without the launch day release of the popular sword swinging elf-like hero, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

With a huge, beautiful open world to explore and gorgeous graphics to accompany a tugging storyline, the new DLC, The Master Trials, gives players an even more engaging experience with more hours to pour into the massively successful title.

The new additions, the first of two DLC’s to be released for the game, include an all new Hard Mode, a new challenge known as Trial of the Sword, and for the completionists there’s “Hero’s Path” mode, a few new items and new equipment pieces. The only option to purchase this DLC is to buy the bundle pack of both DLC’s at the cost of $19.99. Let’s take a look at what you’ll receive with the new add-on content releasing this summer.

Hard Mode: If you’ve played through Breath of the Wild multiple times, getting your fill of the immense land may start to seem a little lacking of challenge. Changing the ranks of enemies and even a few high-ranking enemies you wouldn’t normally stumble upon, hard mode speaks to the thrill seekers and anyone looking for a true challenge in the realm of Zelda games. With a more combative healing structure giving enemies a health recovering system and a better detection system making Link harder to sneak around, this mode is sure to raise the bar. Finally, adding floating platforms throughout the game with hidden treasure, naturally guarded by tough enemies gives players even more to discover.


Trial of the Sword: Bringing in a new enemy wave-challenge series, Trial of the Sword brings 45 trial rooms to complete in succession with an ultimate reward. In each room there are waves of baddy’s to defeat and once each room is cleared, it’s on to the next one. The Master Sword will awaken to its true power once all rooms have been cleared, also granting a constant glowing powered-up appearance.

Hero’s Path Mode: Something a lot of other open-aired game makers could get behind is Breath of the Wild’s soon-to-be released Hero’s Path, which highlights every path you’ve taken for up to 200 hours of gameplay. Included is a slider bar that’s attached to the game’s timeline to give easy access to find where and when you’ve visited a certain area.


This will help players reveal parts of Hyrule they might have missed previously, including any Shrines not yet encountered. Additionally this will work retroactively meaning any previous steps you’ve taken before the DLC release will appear on the map as well, once the Hero’s Path is installed.

New Items: “The Travel Medallion” and “Korok Mask”. In a new treasure chest there lies a new item called The Travel Medallion which allows easier access to previously visited areas. Placing a travel blip on the map wherever you’re currently standing, this allows the player to be transported back to that point at any time, but only one blip can be placed at one time. A handy feature useful for remembering important areas you’d like to return to later.

The new Korok Mask can also be found, which when equipped helps you find more Korok locations. When near-by a location the mask will begin to shake making it easier to pin-point any undiscovered Korok areas.

Alas, equipment themed from previous Zelda games and characters will also be available to unearth throughout Breath of the Wild. Fan-favorites such as Tingle, Phantom, Midna and Majora’s Mask are all included in the DLC coming soon.





More information will be released later this year about the second DLC which is scheduled to release this holiday season. Both the Switch and Wii U versions are available for the additional content, with the first release gracing Zelda fans everywhere this coming summer.

The adventure isn’t coming to a close yet – it’s gearing up for a long haul well into next year.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to the DLC that Nintendo is giving us throughout the year to keep the BotW experience fresh! I can’t wait for the hard mode and Trial of the Sword!!

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