Indie title Xeodrifter is heading to Nintendo Switch

The original Xeodrifter has been out for some time now. It first launched back in 2013 on the 3DS, then it eventually made its way to the home consoles and PC too.

Xeodrifter – A Metroid Style Platformer

So the good news for Switch owners is that Xeodrifter is a great ‘Metroid’ style platformer and it’s headed to Nintendo’s portable hardware.

An exact date hasn’t been given yet. The developers, Atooi, simply sent out a tweet of the game running on a Switch. Pretty self-explanatory as far as ‘cryptic tweets’ go:

I should also mention that this isn’t going to be some sprawling epic. From what I remember, when I played the game on the PS4, Xeodrifter is fairly short. It took me about 5 hours (ish) to finish. Which is absolutely not a knock against the game!

These days 5 hours is perfect, so I’m adding it to our list of ‘2018 Switch games to look forward to’.