Dauntless is facing major changes in 2018

Dauntless is an early access co-op action RPG coming to PC very soon. It follows in the footsteps of Monster Hunter: World where players battle Behemoths and craft weapons as they progress in the world. From my experience, the game has massive potential, but with the rise and great success of Monster Hunter: World, this lower tier game from Phoenix Labs will have to struggle to find its niche in the genre.

Dauntless, A Co-Op Action RPG For PC

On that note, 2018 will be a huge year for the game as it brings new updates and changes. The developers are taking their first steps into Open Beta, as they have finally made enough progress from the Alpha and Closed Beta stages. One of the major changes would be to the User Interface, include changes to the health bar, crafting interfaces and more. The developers want to make the game sleeker and more accessible for all.

In terms of content, the developers want to take crafting to a new level and offer the players more to do with daily, weekly and monthly modes that allow for progression via the story or challenges. This is called ‘Evergame’ as players have new ways to hunt, new activities and new social features. Additionally, the islands where players engage behemoths are changing as well, which has been a long-term criticism of the game as islands were known to be drab and empty.

Finally, combat is getting an overhaul as the weapons will be made more versatile with a more realistic feel to them. To aid players in the combat, the game’s tutorial will be remade so that new players aren’t slowed down as they enter the Open Beta.

Dauntless has a solid foundation and much to build upon, but with Monster Hunter: World becoming the genre’s mainstay, will Phoenix Labs find a niche? 2018 is a big year for them…