Mini Wheels

Mini Wheels announced – story-driven karting anyone?

The developers of the newly announced Mini Wheels asked a question: if you could change one thing about Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, what would it be?

There was response was adding a single-player mode with a meaningful story:

“What if we combined the best elements from the classic karting games to make our game even more fun and added an engaging story on top of it?”

So meet Mini Wheels, a story-driven karting game, which lets you help a lost toy trapped in a basement of a suburban house – Pipo – find a way back into his owner’s hands.

Here’s the first trailer:

The developer has promised that Mini Wheels will also include 4 game modes: Racing, Capture the Flag, Burnout and Boss Battle and customizable karts.

It’s set to launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

The infamous Blue Shell in Mario Kart isn’t going anywhere – “Sometimes life isn’t fair”

In a new interview, Kosuke Yabuki, the director of Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, has made it clear that the feared Blue Shell won’t be leaving the Mario Kart games anytime soon.


  • In an interview with Eurogamer, Yabuki said: “Something I personally really consider is the human emotion element of the play experience. So for example playing Mario Kart – if you have something that feels unfair or makes you feel frustrated or makes you angry… As far as possible we want to avoid those feelings of frustration.”
  • Yabuki also discussed how he doesn’t want players to get too annoyed with the game: “Ultimately, in the longer term, although everyone might feel on one particular day that they’re so frustrated that they’re not going to play any more Mario Kart today – keeping the experience enjoyable enough so that you might feel like that today, but the next day, the next week, you’ll still go back to Mario Kart and still enjoy it.”
  • Would he ever remove the Blue Shell from the game though? Probably not: “We have tried – or we are trying – to see what the game’s like without the blue shell. When we’ve experimented without the blue shell, actually it feels like something’s missing. Like there’s something not quite enough in the game. So for now we’ve kept it in.”
  • He finished by saying: “You know, sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes in life you have something where you feel that’s not right, and that’s frustrating.”

There you go, Nintendo has even made sure that, like life, sometimes their games aren’t fair either. Maybe that’s a realistic message for us all!


Trailer: Have you ever wanted to play Mario Kart in VR?

Well, it might be coming sooner than you think. Mario Kart Arcade GP VR is releasing in Japanese arcades tomorrow. The game is played through the use of a virtual reality headset and in a first-person perspective.

Items, such as the classic shells and bananas, are thrown by making hand movements – the game registers this via an attachment to the player’s wrist.

Could this be the future of Mario Kart?