Frostpunk gameplay trailer leaves us hopeful

This has been an absolutely outstanding year for video games. I already have dozens of games that I don’t have time to play and yet it seems like every day there’s a new trailer for something that needs to be played that I probably won’t get around to.

One of those games is Frostpunk. From the people who made This War of Mine, it’s a total shift from the gritty and grim ‘civilians caught in a warzone simulator’. I kid. Frostpunk is something of a combination between Civilization and Snowpiercer and it’s just as miserable as their last game. Miserable in tone, you understand. This War of Mine was a really rather good game, which is why hopes are high for Frostpunk.

In Frostpunk you’re in charge of a town that needs to survive in harsh conditions and as a result, you have to make harsh decisions. Decisions like “Are we cool with eating dead bodies?” and “How about we enforce child labour?”

  • Frostpunk is being developed by 11 Bit Studios – the team that made This War of Mine.
  • It’s billed as a City Building Survival Game’ on their Steam page.
  • The tone looks to be as desperate as ever. Surviving the tough landscape will mean making tough decisions.
  • No release date has been announced. We’re still hoping for sometime in 2017 and it’s looking like a PC-only launch.

I’m a big fan of the Civilization series, which Frostpunk gives me the impression of. I also loved This War of Mine’s aesthetic and mood-setting, so I’m hoping these two things combine to make a truly great experience. More to come!