The Legend of Bum-bo

The Legend of Bum-bo pushed back to mid 2018

I’ll be honest, a large part of why I’m writing about The Legend of Bum-bo is because I find the name ‘Bum-bo’ incredibly fun to say and type. Bum-bo.

The Legend of Bum-bo – A Prequel

Another much smaller part is due to the fact that The Binding of Isaac was one of my favourite games of the last couple of years and The Legend of Bum-bo is said to be a prequel/spin-off of that game. Whilst The Legend of Bum-bo is set in the world of Isaac, it won’t play anything like the rogue-like. Instead, Bum-bo looks more like a tile-puzzle game, with all of the visuals you’d expect from a McMillan game and there’s also a sprinkling of RPG elements too.

Sadly, The Legend of Bum-bo was meant to release in December of last year and Edward McMillen tweeted recently that the game won’t be hitting Steam and iOS until ‘the first half of 2018’. Here’s Ed’s tweet;

Also, Switch owners out there, keep in mind that McMillen’s games have also recently made their way to Nintendo’s latest console. So fingers crossed that we also see Bum-bo on that too.