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Indie developers – we know how hard it can be to get noticed in the games industry these days. With so much competition out there, how do you stand out from the crowd? Well, first, this video from Jon Denton might help:

Indie Games And Developers

Second, our growing and free index (or directory) is dedicated to indie game developers and their games. We want to help out in any way we can. It’s here that we will show off your creations and games history.

Oh, and remember:

“Don’t be afraid to take a step back and re-design or re-develop.”

Dylan Cuthbert

Indie-friendly publishers are also listed in the directory. Fact: not all publishers are evil. They can help you, the game developers of tomorrow. If you’re a gamer not really interested in development, here’s where you’ll discover new games you didn’t know existed – until now!

Hey, don’t forget indie devs:

“Getting out into the light of day and attending public gatherings is one of the smartest things you can do to promote your game. I promise you won’t turn to ash.”

Robert DellaFave

Below you can find our indie developer profile and publisher listings, along with loads of indie games and even some events. Want to submit a new listing to the index? You now can. Simply click that button.


Looking For Our Blog?

Our news blog focuses on niche games loved by a cult following, obscure titles that might have no attention at all, or games that just scream ‘unique’. We are open to covering new indie games there, so get in touch with us.

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