Injustice 2 Trailer - June Moone Is Here - Enchantress

Injustice 2 trailer reveals Enchantress’s mystical powers

A new Injustice 2 trailer showing the latest addition to the Injustice 2 character roster, Enchantress, has arrived.

Injustice 2 Trailer – June Moone Is Here

The gameplay trailer gives players their first glimpse at June Moone’s magic-wielding alter-ego Enchantress in-action as she struggles to contain the mystical powers that have taken hold of her:

Enchantress will arrive on the 9th January for players who have purchased the Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition, Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack 3, and will be available as a standalone purchase beginning 16th January from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam, and Microsoft Store.

Tiny Metal

Tiny Metal out today on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC

Tiny Metal is out today on Switch, PS4 and PC. Yep, it’s the one that looks like Advance Wars. Maybe “like” is an understatement.

Tiny Metal: Advance Wars Returns!

To celebrate the release the developers, Area 35, have released a new trailer for us which you can find below:

The Sony-published game runs at 4K, 60fps on PS4 Pro and 1080p, 30fps on the Switch in docked mode. In the Switch’s portable mode we see 720p, 30fps.

Taro Yoko, of Nier: Automata fame, said very simply:

“This is good…”

Maybe that’s all you need to here. Maybe it’s not. But with any luck, we’ll let you know our thoughts soon to help you decide.

Breath of the Wild

Sonic and Link team up in funny new Breath of the Wild mod

The modding game community never ceases to amaze in terms of their ambition and scope. The latest is a mod for Breath of the Wild which sees Link ride Sonic as his motorcycle – you can forget the new Master Cycle Zero then.

Check out the funny results here from WilianZilv’s channel:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is expected to scoop the video game of the year, meanwhile the Nintendo Switch has sold far more than many predicted. Sonic hasn’t had a bad year himself either.

On that note: what a year for gaming in general. It’s going to to take a lot for 2018 to beat it.

Latest UK game charts – Call of Duty WWII at one, FIFA 18 second

The latest UK game charts are here and Call of Duty WWII is number one.

Latest UK Game Charts

The rest of the UK charts see FIFA 18 take second place, again, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 in third, again, Xbox One newcomer PUBG comes in fourth and Assassin’s Creed Origins stays in fifth.

Here’s the full Top 20 list:

In conclusion, a really exciting and unpredictable week in the charts. Joking aside, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the time of the year. A time where game sales have dramatically slowed down. That being said, we did get to see PUBG make a solid entry on the list.

Fade to Silence

Fade to Silence out now on Steam Early Access

Survival RPG game Fade to Silence is now available on PC via Steam Early Access.

In Fade to Silence, players take on the role of Ash, a leader forced to battle the elements and all sorts of eldritch-looking monsters in a post-apocalyptic environment. The Early Access launch will introduce gamers to the activities of collecting materials, upgrading equipment, building up the camp or defeating supernatural creatures. There’s a lot to focus on.

Here’s the impressive release trailer for you:

You can grab the game now on Steam Early Access for $29.99/£24.99 – there’s also a 10% discount if you do so with haste.

Microsoft is trying out Xbox party chat on Android mobile devices

Good news, we think. You can now join an Xbox party chat using an Android mobile device.

Xbox Party Chat On Mobile

To get this working you will need to acquire the Xbox Beta app from here. Basically, it allows Xbox gamers to communicate with each other through the app via voice chat.

The aforementioned Xbox Beta app is used to test new and upcoming features before they arrive on the primary Xbox app.

You can leave feedback on the Beta app for Microsoft which is used to decide what features deserve more attention – so if this is something you would like to see in the future, make sure to get involved.

Will you be giving it a go? Let us know in the comments below.

My Eyes On You

Neon-noir action adventure My Eyes On You gets first gameplay trailer

My Eyes On You presents to us an alternative version of 80s Chicago and features a dynamic fighting system. Interested from that tidbit alone? Well, here goes.

You play as Jordan Adalien, a framed FBI agent in the neon-noir action adventure whose job is to hunt down the ‘Man in the Crimson Mask’ – a smooth operator that is shedding blood all over the city. That’s why his mask is crimson.

Here’s our first look at the gameplay beamed into your peepers:

The fighting looks impressive. As for the rest of the game, the clues you decide to follow will affect how the story evolves and adapts; will you think rationally, or look into occult elements, for example? There’s also an interesting mechanic at play here: when in stressful situations, Jordan’s anxiety will affect his abilities and provoke hallucinations. Sort of like real life, right?

It’s coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 at some point, but we don’t know when. One to watch.

Yoku’s Island Express

Yoku’s Island Express gets a Christmas trailer

Team17 and indie developer Villa Gorilla have released a new trailer for their upcoming pinball-platform game Yoku’s Island Express. Oh, and there’s no Yoshi in sight in case you were wondering.

The festive reel showcases some of the snowy surroundings Yoku will uncover as he flips and bumps across his aerial ascent to the highest reaches of Mokumana island. Check it out in the trailer below:

Our ‘favourite’ dung beetle will meet a whole host of colourful new islanders including Tungaska, Chirp the foreman and Tilo the mountaineer.

Yoku’s Island Express is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC in 2018.

Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince out now

Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince out now

Puzzle title Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince is out today for PC and Xbox One. It’s available on PC via Steam, Xbox Live and available as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince Out Now – Boggling?

Players control two characters – the twist being that both are stuck in different dimensions and even worse, these characters have opposite controls. This, combined with different traps and obstacles in the two dimensions results in what we imagine is a tricky puzzle game. Here’s the trailer for your peepers:

Here’s what people are saying on Steam:

“For the price, and the time it will take for the average person to 100% this game, I would say they set it just right.”

Moving pictures:

“I am pleasently surprised by this game title. It is not the game I usually go for but gameplay is super fun. Looks are not always important. This game is a must have if you like challenging puzzle games. Moving pictures are better than words.”

Pixel art rocks:

“Very interesting puzzle game. I’ve never played one quite like it and it’s cool when something different comes along. The amazing pixel art is very nice to look at as well. I love the soft color’s (sic) used in this game’s art style, they are very easy on the eyes.”

There are over 30 levels in the game with multiple characters to unlock along the journey. We’ll hopefully have a review out for this one soon.

PS VR puzzle-platformer, Light Tracer, comes to Steam in January

PlayStation VR puzzle platformer, Light Tracer, is coming to Steam on January 15th.

Any gamers wanting to possess the magical staff and godlike powers to help the ‘loveable’ princess climb the Babel-esque towers will be able to do so by purchasing the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift versions on Steam for $14.99 USD. Here’s the launch trailer for your peepers:

Oasis Games will be adding improvements to Light Tracer too: both VIVE and Rift releases will be updated with enhanced graphics, optimized visuals and the game’s operation system has been upgraded for more “natural control”.

New indie game Parkasaurus revealed – coming to Steam soon

Indie developer Washbear Studio has revealed their new game called Parkasaurus.

Parkasaurus – Dino Love

Coming to Steam soon, the game challenges you to plan, design and construct exhibits that maximize both the happiness of your dinosaurs and the park guests. It’s your job to get them to spend their money – if they have any.

People don’t seem to be scared…

Starting with an abandoned park, not a hospital, you’ll discover new attractions and bond with each of the dinosaurs. You’ll even get to travel back in time to collect old dino eggs to show off to the world in the future. What’s not to like about that?

You can check out the full reveal trailer below.

Gran Turismo Sport’s new update brings with it a single-player campaign

It’s a weird time to be a gamer when an update adding single-player to a series known for having a great single-player experience is a cause for celebration… But there you go. Modern times!

While we liked Gran Turismo Sport a lot, there’s no doubt its streamlined content and lack of a single-player is a concern. So, Polyphony Digital is addressing this with a new update that adds in the GT League.

The GT League features a series of cups and endurance races like the old days – hooray, it’s what I always wanted.

There’s also going to be some new cars including Audi’s R18, a Vision GT car and a Shelby Cobra. Here’s the rest:

  • Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II (R32)
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (R34)
  • Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
  • Lamborghini Countach LP400
  • Ferrari F40
  • Ferrari Enzo Ferrari
  • Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Volkswagen Sambabus Typ 2 (T1)
  • Chris Holstrom Concepts 1967 Chevy Nova
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible (C3)

More content is also on the way from now until March – 50 new cars are expected in addition to new tracks to race on.

The initial content mentioned will be available for free this December.