Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince out now

Puzzle title Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince is out today for PC and Xbox One. It’s available on PC via Steam, Xbox Live and available as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Fearful Symmetry and The Cursed Prince Out Now – Boggling?

Players control two characters – the twist being that both are stuck in different dimensions and even worse, these characters have opposite controls. This, combined with different traps and obstacles in the two dimensions results in what we imagine is a tricky puzzle game. Here’s the trailer for your peepers:

Here’s what people are saying on Steam:

“For the price, and the time it will take for the average person to 100% this game, I would say they set it just right.”

Moving pictures:

“I am pleasently surprised by this game title. It is not the game I usually go for but gameplay is super fun. Looks are not always important. This game is a must have if you like challenging puzzle games. Moving pictures are better than words.”

Pixel art rocks:

“Very interesting puzzle game. I’ve never played one quite like it and it’s cool when something different comes along. The amazing pixel art is very nice to look at as well. I love the soft color’s (sic) used in this game’s art style, they are very easy on the eyes.”

There are over 30 levels in the game with multiple characters to unlock along the journey. We’ll hopefully have a review out for this one soon.

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