Interactive Fiction Roadwarden Is A Dark, Humble Adventure

Roadwarden is a new interactive fiction title in which the player explores a hostile realm. It’s coming from Moral Anxiety Studio who developed The Tavern.

The game combines complex dialogues and the simplified graphics of visual novels along with an open story structure and the mechanics of RPGs.

With around 10 hours of content, Roadwarden also features an impressive ‘attitude system’.

Whenever the player encounters new characters, they can select one of five attitudes: friendly, playful, distant, intimidating or vulnerable. Their choice impacts the subsequent interaction and changes the mood and the direction of the general conversation.

Roadwarden dialogue system image.

Roadwarden uses isometric pixel art to present areas, items and events, and various sidequests and hidden interactions have been developed to ensure multiple playthroughs for enthusiasts.

It’s due out in the first half of 2020 as a digital download for PC and Linux.

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