Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Chances On Switch Look Slim

Those of you that have played the recent remake of Resident Evil 2 will know what a horrifically good game it is. I’m still dipping in and out of the gore-soaked world myself.

Naturally then, some have wondered about the chances of seeing the game on Nintendo Switch.

The bad news? It’s looking increasingly unlikely.

It’s not a title that most would have expected for a while on the mobile platform, but Capcom UK’s community manager has now pretty much ruled it out:

The news is even more of a blow to Switch owners when you consider that Resident Evil had a strong history with Nintendo consoles at one point.

For example, Resident Evil 4 was, for some time, an exclusive on GameCube. Resident Evil Zero and the ‘Re’make of the first were the same, and Resident Evil: Revelations was exclusive to 3DS until later on. The DS even received Deadly Silence.

Without a doubt then, these aren’t the types of games Nintendo should be missing out on.

Can It Run It?

It’s likely it comes down to the fact that the Switch would struggle to run the game in the first place.

As much as we enjoy Nintendo’s innovations, you’d think giving the hybrid enough power to run key AAA games would be non-negotiable. It’s even more interesting if you remember that Capcom asked Nintendo to up the Switch’s RAM to 4GB, which they did.

Playing the Resident Evil 2 Remake anywhere you want, (or just on the couch) would be awesome. Well, don’t get too used to that idea — not until a possible Switch Pro is announced anyway.

Resident Evil on Switch

In the meantime, ports of RE4, RE0 and the Resident Evil 1 Remake will be available on Switch on the 21st May. You didn’t already have RE4 now did you?

What do you think?

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