Nail The Perfect Line In Future Grind

Future Grind is a futuristic stunt bike platform game developed by Canadian developers Milkbag Games.

In this title, you ride a stunt bike that allows players to chain together massive combos from floating rails. The rails are colour-coded to match the colors of the bike wheels. Land the wrong color and the bike explodes at first contact.

Future Grind comes with a story mode that follows you as you perform for sponsors. As you progress you earn new bikes and access new tracks. The story takes a turn when you realize that things aren’t as they seem. Riders are being closely watched and it is up to you to find out why…

With multiple games modes and an original soundtrack, Future Grind looks to challenge even the best of gamers.

Future Grind releases for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch on January 22nd. A 4-track Future Grind EP is also available for download at

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