Bodyslam The Competition In Fire Pro Wrestling World

After 11 years, The Fire Pro Wrestling series will make its return to a PlayStation console with Fire Pro Wrestling World. The title released on PC to rave reviews one year ago but, PS4 players can get to play it for themselves on August 28th 2018. Developer Spike Chunsoft looks to keep the fire burning.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro wrestling is known for two major things. The first being it’s massive editing suite where players create thousands of custom wrestlers from the past and present. Historically Fire Pro has never been affiliated with any wrestling promotions which allowed players to create their favourite real-life wrestlers with custom names.

This time around, New Japan Pro Wrestling has provided its likeness. This will make for a truly unique experience.

Fire Pro is also known for its steep learning curve. Instead of the simulation style seen in WWE’s annual 2K series, Fire Pro has more of an arcade feel. Grappling is timed to the second to chain to together manoeuvres. It isn’t easy but, It’s a very rewarding experience once mastered

The possibilities are truly endless with multiple matches types not found anywhere else. From typical tag team matches to barbed wire death matches, to MMA cage battles, Fire Pro wrestling is back with a vengeance.

Hop into the ring when Fire Pro Wrestling Worlds slams onto the PS4 this August. Meanwhile, check out the PS4 game trailer below featuring New Japan wrestling stars Kenny Omega, Okada and others.

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