Is World War 3 the Battlefield killer?

Indie studio The Farm 51 announced their new game this week in World War 3. It’s a large-scale modern day/near future FPS that takes place in… you guessed it, World War 3.

Farm 51 is keeping a tight focus with WW3, the game will only have two different modes at launch. With the first one being a large scale strategic team-based mode called Warzone, that Farm 51 promises will have “large-scale combined arms battles with infantry, armoured vehicles, and drones.”

The second mode will be a Battle Royale mode called Recon. This mode will be smaller in scale compared to the grand size of the Warzone mode and will be focused more on looting, surviving and squad play.

New Kid On The Block

Additionally, WW3 is going to have some unique gunplay that Farm 51 seem to be bragging about.

They’re claiming it will be “The most authentic bullet vs. armour system in the FPS genre to date,” that will include “Ballistics, a weight system, full body awareness, and an extensive customization system – all affect the gameplay in a meaningful way.”

World War 3

However, what I find most interesting about the announcement of WW3, is the fact it was announced right after the very controversial reveal of Battlefield V.

To me, it looks like Farm 51 found a prime opportunity to take the spotlight away from the more mainstream large-scale military shooter, and put their title out in the forefront.

And, their strategy seems to have pulled off. All over the internet, Battlefield fans are saying WW3 looks like the game they wanted BFV to be.

Some are even calling it the spiritual successor to the very well received BF4. What’s even more surprising is that major Battlefield YouTubers in LevelCapGaming and Westie are covering the game, seemingly as a backup plan for their channel just in case BFV does fail.

From the modern setting to the realistic approach, the large-scale warfare, a battle royale mode etc. WW3 seems to be the title that Battlefield fans wanted.

With all this in mind, WW3 has a real chance to seize a large portion of the currently divided Battlefield right from under EA and developer DICE.

The real question is: can Farm 51 pull off this bold move? They have never developed anything this ambitious in scale and scope before, with the other titles they’ve developed being, Get Even, Painkiller: Hell and Damnation, and Necrovision.

None of these titles come close to scale and size of what they’re trying to accomplish with World War 3. It will be very interesting to see if the game will live up to the immense hype that has already been generated in just the past couple of days.

Will Farm 51 actually ‘take down’ the Battlefield franchise? We’ll find out soon when World War 3 launches in Early Access on Steam later this year.

What do you think?

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