Bugs Must Die – a top-down shooter, with pest control fun

“Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this news feature with an important announcement. Earth is under threat by alien life forms.

Approximately around 12 pm BST, planet earth will be going to war with the Mantis beings of planet M-79.

We have been aware of planet M-79’s threats and capabilities, and from the information, myself and all the other world leaders have gathered, we have set up a specialist team to deal with this threat: The Galactic Pest Control Company.

The Galactic Pest Control Company will be going to planet M-79 and eliminating the threat of the Mantis soldiers and their leaders who have taken the form of various earth pop culture references.

We have named this operation, ‘Bugs Must Die’, an operation that’s been in development for some time now by DG Games Workshop, who have developed multiple weapons and vehicles to ensure the Galactic Pest Control Company will eliminate the threat and ensure the safety of earth.

We thank those brave souls who will risk their lives for the safety of ours and god bless Planet Earth.”

Bugs Must Die

Bugs Must Die

Bugs Must Die is a top-down twin-stick shooter, a genre that has garnered more popularity in recent years.

The typical twin-stick shooter is usually counterphobic and cramped, yes, a choice by design, but a choice that is never the less limiting to player expression.

Here DG Games Workshop has gone with an open map design which was more prevalent in the top-down shooters of the 80s and 90s.

It’s clear the game takes its inspiration from these titles, with its sound design, soundtrack and aesthetic choices.

Bugs Must Die

Again, Pixel Art is very common, but as anyone who’s played retro games on a CRT television will know: the games didn’t look pixelated, in fact, everything looked smooth and the colours contorted together giving the illusion of detail on a low fidelity visual.

DG Games get this, it’s pixelated but smooth and detailed, not just a bunch of squares.

Bugs Must Die

Bugs Must Die looks like the top down shooter I’ve been waiting for. One that values player expression instead of feeling like a series of challenge levels, horde or survival modes.

One that wants you to sit, play and just have a good time.

You’ll be able to sign up for The Galactic Pest Control this year on Steam.

No bugs were harmed during the writing of this piece, in fact, we must be kind to bugs and nature. So, let your garden be wild and full of bugs.

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