Exposure, A Game of Camouflage set for 2018 release

I am a predator, I am prey. I am the creature that lurks in the tangible kaleidoscope of creation. I am comfortable here, silent, watching, waiting for my opportune moment to strike. I want to disappear, I don’t want to be known. The strenuous lifestyle the others live; the constant contact with others, the faces of faces and the prospect of instability. No, I am comfortable here. I am the predator. I am prey.

Exposure, A Game of Camouflage

We gamers are perceived by the big gaming media as hermits, devoid of any social lifestyle. We are ‘lonely abominations’ locked away by our own choice, popping vitamin D tablets as we never see any sunlight. Now, my milk bottle legs may lend some creed to that statement, but I also believe many a gamer has led fruitful lives.

Exposure, A Game of Camouflage

The developer, The Sheep’s Meow, is going to put us gamers to the test: how good are we at being chameleons? We’re going to find out with their new game ‘Exposure, A game of camouflage’.

Exposure, A Game of Camouflage

In Exposure, you play as a small creature guiding your children over 36 branching, and hostile, paths and 11 areas that introduce new parasites and predators along the way. It’s up to you to blend through the environments and lead them to safety.

When you blend into the environment your creature is also invisible, leaving you, the player, to not see the game, but to feel the game with its intuitive controls. The title will also feature Boss Battles, Daily Challenges and Leaderboards.

The art style is this game is so unique, with its heavy emphasis on geometry, colours – an almost optical illusion. It’s not just the visuals that are minimal, the soundtrack is too, with this limited instrumentation and the sound interacting with what’s happening in the game – Exposure is shaping to be an audio-visual masterpiece.

Exposure, A Game of Camouflage

With the studio only comprised of two people who have worked on and off for years on the project, the studio name is a reference to their cat named “Sheep” who passed away. They wanted their cat to be remembered… the developers are sincere then, and hopefully, this passion extends right into their work. Passion, after all, is the key to being creative.

Exposure, a game of camouflage is set for a 2018 release on Steam and Xbox One.

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