New indie game Robbotto is inspired by Bubble Bobble

Meet Robbotto, a freshly announced indie game. The even better news? It’s inspired by arcade legends Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands.

Classic Retro Gameplay

Robbotto, developed by JMJ Interactive, is scheduled for a Q3 release this year and it’s heading to PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One:

Here’s what it’s got to offer us ‘old-school’ gamers:

  • You take control of Robb and Otto, two intrepid maintenance robots as they travel through a malfunctioning star cruiser
  • It’s a retro-inspired arcade platformer that features single-player or couch co-op
  • To keep you busy, there are over 100 levels, 20 enemies types, and 10 bosses to beat

Details are thin at the moment, but we can expect to hear more out of this one as the release date draws closer. If you’re a Bubble Bobble fan, there’s a chance this might bring back a few memories…

5 thoughts on “New indie game Robbotto is inspired by Bubble Bobble

    1. Absolutely. The developer has really captured that classic vibe. Reminds me of Parasol Stars on the Game Boy…

  1. I’ve played Bubble bobble and have the sequel, Rainbow Islands, on out Amiga 600. This is nice looking though. Kinda like Bubble Bobble but with the Cozmo robot as a playable character.

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