Adventure game King of Peasants announced

King of Peasants? Just announced, it’s a modern, story-driven adventure game, set in the dark ages during the inquisition. The developer wants it to be fast-paced, snappy and with streamlined interaction. A sort of mobile first approach.

King of Peasants – A Watercolour World

The graphics in the game are handmade with a mix of watercolours and pencils – the visual style is defined as a “living painting”, as you can see below in the first screenshots:

King of Peasants
King of Peasants
King of Peasants
King of Peasants

As for platforms, King of Peasants will be available in 2019 on Steam (PC and Mac), and mobile (Android and iOS). It’s designed for mature audiences who have ‘limited’ spare time to play games. Which is pretty much everyone I know in the current world.

More details are expected this year.

One thought on “Adventure game King of Peasants announced

  1. Looks gorgeous. Great to see people still producing games with their own unique look and charm rather than just going for dreary realism or an overload of pyrotechnics.

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