Warriors of Ari has a free demo available

As you can tell from my profile picture and my Echo Night: Beyond piece, I like cats.

Cats know cat people, and cats respect these people. When I was a canvasser, the guys on my team called me ‘the pussycat magnet’ ironically due to the fact every time I saw a cat I could draw it to me for a fuss.

It looks like developer KauerGames shares the same love – as shown in their game Warriors of Ari. KauerGames is the single talent of Justin Kauer, who is not only making the game by himself but is also fighting a brain tumour.

Warriors of Ari is a hack and slash platformer where you play as the Warrior Cats. The game looks like a throwback to the NES/Master System days of video gaming – you can clearly see this homage as the story is extremely detailed and long!

In fact, it’s hilarious how long the backstory lasts, how it just pushes your patience. Then it goes into more dialogue about Cat Naps and Sugar Crashes; very few games satirise and pay homage as good as this game does in its opening seconds.

But less of me rambling, you can check his website out and sign up for the free demo here.

What do you think?

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