Agony to release on March 30th

How long have I been here now? I’m not sure… it feels like an eternity. The trepidation. The perpetual tortures. You’d think you would become custom to pain, conditioned by it; you’d be wrong. Screams of torment and anguish sweep through the ever-darkened sky… those screams… it’s almost transcendental, almost hypnotic. I wish my flesh smelt as good as his, can you smell it?

Feel The Agony

Reminds me of my uncle’s barbeques. Somehow, he got those burgers just right, how he singed the edges of the buns just enough to give it a crispy finish. Ha, those where the days; how long ago was that now? It feels like an eternity…

There have been many interpretations of hell in video gaming, but all have lacked the horror and torment seen in various art pieces from the Renaissance era or the literary works of Clive Barker. Hell, uncensored. Welcome ‘Agony’.

Agony is a first-person survival horror game in which you play a tormented soul with no memory of his past trying to escape from Hell. On your journey, you’ll have to interact with other tormented souls and possess simple-minded demons to survive the hellish environment:

Developed by MadMind Studio; a team of 9 developers who have worked in the AAA gaming industry on such titles as Witcher 3, The Division and Alien Rage to name a few. Leaving the AAA gaming world behind them to work on their own project, Agony.

Agony is an independent game through and through but has the polish you would expect from an AAA Game.

This is great if only the visuals weren’t so grotesque; deformed creatures with breasts out, tormented souls crying to themselves and gore – lots of gore. These visuals aren’t just impressive for an indie game, they are impressive for an AAA game.

So, step into the Heart of Darkness on the 30th March on Xbox, PS4 and Steam. “The Horror! The Horror!”

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