Gwent Arena revealed by CD Projekt

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has officially found its niche in the populated CCG (collectable card game) genre along with titles such as Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls: Legends.

Gwent Arena By CD Projekt

With various overhauls recently, CD Projekt has now unveiled Gwent Arena, a new draft-based game mode. It allows players to build decks with no restrictions on faction, card rarity or duplicates. Players then go against Gaunter O’Dimm:

It costs 150 ore or $2 to complete and it ends after three player deaths or nine contracts. The minimum reward is one Keg regardless of results and the rewards will only go up from there as players successfully complete their contracts. The card collection will include all available cards, allowing players to really vary their decks.

With this release as well as the recently announced Faction Challenge, Gwent seems to have a bright future with CD Projekt and fans should be excited to see its growth in the CCG realm.

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