Limited Run to press Munch’s Oddysee on PS Vita

If you’re an old git like me, you’ll know of Oddworld Inhabitants and the excellent work they have done. Abe’s Oddysee became a quintessential title on the PS1 and Stranger’s Wrath is regarded as a hidden gem on the original Xbox. Sadly, due to the lacklustre sales of Stranger’s Wrath, Oddworld Inhabitants seemed to disappear overnight.

Munch’s Oddysee PS Vita

That was until 2014 when the excellent New ‘n’ Tasty came out, a remake of the beloved adventure with Abe. Since then, the developer has re-released their classics with HD graphics and now they are working on a brand new title.

With their games mainly being distributed digitally, Oddworld Inhabitants haven’t ignored the collector’s market and the outcry for physical releases. So, along with game publisher Limited Run, they now intend to press several of their titles physically (and in limited quantities).

Limited Run has become one of the top indie publishers releasing physical versions of previously digital-only indie games. But, as the companies’ name suggests, they only print a limited amount of copies. This has made Limited Run the publisher for video game collectors.

Good news then. Limited Run will be pressing Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee on the PS Vita on the 23rd of February. No details on quantities have been released as of yet, but this will be a must buy for any Vita collectors out there:

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