Drink blood (or don’t!) on June 5th in DontNod’s follow-up to Life is Strange: Vampyr

June 5th: A date in which fans of horror games will be able to arise from their cobwebbed coffins and sink their teeth into a new, delicious looking slice of horror gaming courtesy of DontNod, the developers of Life is Strange. DontNod’s previously delayed Vampyr is finally on its way, night people.

Life Is Strange In Vampyr

Originally scheduled for a 2017 release, Vampyr seduces players into the world of Dr Johnathan Reid. Dr Reid is a doctor working hard to develop a cure for the Spanish flu in early twentieth century London, but Dr Reid is a vampyr. When he isn’t busy trying to develop the cure for Spanish flu, Dr Reid is busy cracking into the arteries of London’s denizens and drinking their blood.

Of course, the choice of how much time will be spent devoted to developing a cure, or to feeding on London folk will be left up to the player as players control Dr Reid. Despite the way that last sentence read, Vampyr is not a time management simulation. Vampyr is an action-adventure styled RPG less focused on combat and more focused on presenting players with an immersive, narrative-driven experience. Deciding whether to feed into your vampiric urges or abstain from feeding on innocent citizens will play an integral part of Vampyr’s experience.

Every London citizen with which Dr Reid interacts has their own schedules, lives, relationships, and stories. According to Vampyr’s official website, affecting one character will affect all characters. If you affect someone in the wrong way, you may find yourself under attack from vampyr hunters or clergy. As a means of defence, Dr Reid will be equipped with pistols, sabres, and an arsenal of supernatural vampire abilities.


Vampyr will be available for purchase on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 5th. Purchases of Vampyr do not come complete with cloves of garlic, holy water, or wooden stakes; you’ll have to pick those up separately.

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