Another free content pack for Hollow Knight is coming soon

Hollow Knight has been one of the most praised and prominent indie games in recent memories. It is a stylish Metroidvania developed and published by Team Cherry and has garnered positive reviews all around. The game shows that indie developers can stamp their name in the industry.

Hollow Knight: Free Content Pack Number 3

Today, the Hollow Knight developers have officially announced the game’s third free content pack called Gods and Glory. It is the final chapter of the Knight’s journey and includes a lot of new content:

  • Players will unlock an extra character and quest involving the Godseeker.
  • There are new boss fights and a new game mode that is unlocked by completing the Gods and Glory story.
  • Furthermore, there’s new music and new charms to add to the collection. That’s a lot of new!

There’s no official release date for the content pack just yet, but it’s said to be released early 2018. For the meagre price of $14.99, I highly recommend players jump into this game and experience one of the best games of 2017.

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