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When it comes to games that have literal titles, Mom Hid My Game! is definitely up there with the rest of them. Much like other indie titles that have launched on the Switch such as Tennis in the Face, it seems to be the trend at the moment. But, when it comes to quantity, there certainly is no shortage of games to try via the eShop which is fantastic to see. 2018 will be huge for Nintendo and hopefully, the support for the smaller games will boost the Switch’s appeal further.

So what is Mom Hid My Game!, from developer Kemco, about? Well, as mentioned, the clue is literally in the title and your aim is to find your fake/unbranded, portable games console after your mother has decided to hide it away from you. Clearly, those psychologists were right in diagnosing gaming addiction as a mental illness as this poor chap can’t put his console down and will do anything to find it again.

Mom Hid My Game!

Although your console-finding antics take place in your bedroom, that doesn’t mean that the lengths the poor old mother goes to hide the thing are boring. Oh no, she gets quite creative when it comes to finding places to plonk the little console. Enlisting the help of animals, sports teams and the general public, she certainly knows how to make life difficult for you. Even when she’s hiding somewhere ready to spring him mid-search too, some of the scenarios and puzzles to find a way to collect the console are quite humorous if a little farfetched (poor kids bedroom doesn’t half get some thoroughfare).

Mom Hid My Game! Review

Altogether there are 50 puzzles to solve that take place over concurrent days, each with their own perks and twists as described above. They’re short, sharp and don’t hang around too long making them ideal time killers when you’ve got a few moments to spare. They can put a smile on your face and cause some frustration/confusion when you fall foul to the hidden mother (hiding as a floor lamp for instance) or get knocked over by a pacey pedestrian blocking your way.

The Problem

The main downfall of the game is in its deliverance; it is a short game, so much so that it will probably be something that is easily forgotten about – lost amongst other games. It is best suited to the mobile platform and you could say that it is a bit basic for a console title, albeit a indie game. But you can’t help but feel that it has some charm to it beyond that its longevity and appeal may be limited. The animations, style and sound effects have an air of cheese to them and clearly, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously or have ideas above its stations.

So whilst it’s nice to see Mom Hid My Game on Switch, is it worth the price of £4.49? Price and value is a very subjective matter and, for me, I wouldn’t say that it would be worth paying out for.

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    1. You’re very welcome, thanks for reading! It’s nice to see the Switch being such a hive of activity for indie games but I think many, like this, will be best suited to the mobile platform.

      I’m still holding out hope for Virtual Console this year…

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