Welcome to Nitchigamer!

So D-pad Joy is no more. But fear not long-time readers and fans, we’re not going anywhere. We’re just changing our face. Welcome to our new evolved form: Nitchigamer. No, we’re not a Pokémon.

Nitchi we hear you say – what does that even mean? Well, we’re glad you asked:

“Nitchi” [ニッチ] – or niche.

Ok Nitchigamer: How Are You Different To All The Rest?

Good question. At Nitchigamer we value both niche games loved by a cult following, and obscure titles that have no attention at all – that’s our thing.

We make it our mission to focus on the little guys a bit more than others too: the game developers of tomorrow. That’s why you’ll find a free and dedicated indie dev directory on our site that highlights them. Discover their hidden gems, you may be surprised at what you find.

We aim to bring a more upbeat approach to the ongoing world of video games and the many exciting stories that they tell. That’s why we play games after all isn’t it – for fun?

There’s an awful lot of bad feeling directed towards the Games Industry at the moment. Some of it is justified, but a lot of it isn’t. Where has the simple pleasure of looking forward to games and then playing them gone? So, in that sense, we hope to be a fresh publication that, shockingly, talks about the games, first and foremost.

So in a nutshell, this is who we are:

  • We focus more on niche, independent and experimental games. Less on the huge, AAA titles. These sometimes cross, of course.
  • We bring an optimistic approach to the games industry. It’s not all unpleasant and nasty!
  • We’re about video games more than anything else. You won’t find reviews of TV shows here – why would you anyway?

We hope you enjoy reading Nitchigamer! Yes you, the one reading this sentence right about now.

What do you think?

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