10tons has now released their entire catalogue on Switch

With Baseball Riot out now for the Nintendo Switch, the sequel to Tennis in the Face, 10tons has now released their entire catalogue on the hybrid console – that would be in less than a year.

10tons Games: A Fairly Sizeable Task

What does this mean, well, the Switch now has exactly the same selection of 10tons games as the PS4, Xbox One, and even Steam. Jaakko Maaniemi had this to say on the exciting news:

“It feels pretty good to have this fairly sizeable task now done. Well, we’ll need to update a couple of titles to fix minor niggles, but otherwise we’re done for now!”

The developer’s next upcoming game is Tesla vs Lovecraft, a top-down arena shooter, which will be heading to the Switch “in a month or two”. We’re waiting to hear final details on a release date.

For more on 10tons, you can check out our interview with the indie developer here, and you can expect a review for Baseball Riot up on the site shortly.

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