Forged Battalion, from C&C veterans Petroglyph, rolls onto Steam Early Access

While not quite a new Command & Conquer game, (remember that series?) Forged Battalion aims to be a fresh take on the real-time strategy genre and it comes from C&C veterans Petroglyph. So it’s close. The better news: it’s out now on Steam Early Access.

Forged Battalion – Command & Conquer Returns?

In Forged Battalion you can build and customise different factions as they fight in a variety of skirmish, solo and multiplayer battles. You will also be able to create, customise, and develop the blueprints of emerging factions too.

Using resources gained from each battle (sadly we don’t believe harvester units are in it), you can unlock new options through the tech tree allowing you to choose the archetype, and an array of armours, locomotors, weapons, and special abilities such as stealth and regeneration.

Oh, and Frank Klepacki from C&C fame worked on the sound design, voice-over, and music for the game. Here’s that trailer you’ve been waiting for:

The Early Access period for Forged Battalion will run for several months if all goes to plan, during which there will be “regular content” updates and players are encouraged to give feedback to the developers.

“We want fans to truly help forge what the game becomes…” Chuck Kroegel, CEO of Petroglyph.

The Early Access launch content available now is as follows:

  • Campaign missions comprising the first act of a multi-act storyline
  • Skirmish maps supporting up to eight players
  • Multiple Skirmish game modes including HQ Destruction and Annihilation
  • Dedicated servers to support multiplayer
  • Five customisable archetypes of vehicles (infantry, light vehicle, heavy vehicle, air and turrets)
  • Resource management of tech tree points earned in tactical battles

You can try out the Team17 published Forged Battalion on Steam for £15.49 – there’s a 15% discount if you purchase it during launch week. You know, mankind has forgotten you, Kane…

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