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MediEvil for PS4 announced at PSX

It's really real...

Well, that was unexpected – a MediEvil title, yes really, has been officially announced at PSX, much to the delight of fans all around the world – including this writer.

MediEvil On PS4 – Sir Daniel Returns

Here’s the big tease from Sony, (first revealed on the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden’s t-shirt…), that happened at the end of the PlayStation Experience 2017 presentation:

Heading to the PS4, the game appears to be a 4K remaster of the first in the beloved series. Perhaps this is Sony testing the waters for a new game much like the remaster of Crash Bandicoot – still, we’d take this any day of the week. More details are expected shortly.

MediEvil for PS4

Sir Daniel Fortesque is back – it’s been far too long!



    1. They were tough games. I remember the second being very hard towards the end. I wonder if we’ll get a remaster of that as well?

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