MediEvil for PS4 announced at PSX – yes!

MediEvil for PS4…?

Well, that was unexpected – a MediEvil title, yes really, has been officially announced at PSX, much to the delight of fans all around the world – including this writer.

MediEvil For PS4 – Sir Daniel Returns

Here’s the big tease from Sony, (first revealed on the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden‘s t-shirt…), that happened at the end of the PlayStation Experience 2017 presentation:

Heading to the PS4, the game appears to be a 4K remaster of the first in the beloved series. Perhaps this is Sony testing the waters for a new game much like the remaster of Crash Bandicoot – still, we’d take this any day of the week. More details are expected shortly. By that, we mean next to nothing is actually known at this point.

MediEvil for PS4

Sir Daniel Fortesque is back – it’s been far too long! Let’s just hope this means he has a future on the platform…

3 thoughts on “MediEvil for PS4 announced at PSX – yes!

    1. They were tough games. I remember the second being very hard towards the end. I wonder if we’ll get a remaster of that as well?

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