Bungie abandons Destiny 2 livestream amid criticism

Last week Bungie had planned a livestream to discuss future plans for Destiny 2. However, after a rough week of anger from fans at long-term problems and the XP issue that sprouted up over Thanksgiving (credit to Eurogamer.net for the article), the stream was tossed for a blog post.

In general, the post says that they want to be more transparent as a company so fans know more of what is going on, speaking on the importance of community and how they want the game to fit into your life. Along with that, they give a list of updates including Masterwork Weapons, shop changes (removing the token system), faction weapons and armour, some PVP changes and more (I implore you to read the blog post for full details).


Image of a Masterwork upgrade. (credit to Bungie) 

In my opinion, Destiny 2 was not a great game and the changes they are bringing, to me, will not change that. Bungie can be as open as they want but it will not change a lack of progression system, 4v4 PvP in an age where 6v6 has become standard, a poor story with forgettable characters and locations. The changes they speak of will not make me load the title back up.

However, it is a step in the right direction. Removing the token and making gear purchasable at vendors is a move that has been asked for almost since the game launched. Masterwork Weapons are a good start to true endgame gear. Other quality of life changes, such as Xur item changes, are welcome. But it makes players wonder: why weren’t these things in at launch? Why wait this long to make these changes after many have written the game off?

Hopefully, this will help the community and things start moving in the right direction for Destiny 2. At least the developers appear to be listening now.

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