Valkyria Chronicles 4 announced for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One

Sega has announced that they are developing yet another sequel to Valkyria Chronicles and that it will be published on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch – the first in the series to do so.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Is Real

This sequel to the well-respected tactical role-playing games comes six years after the release of Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is set in the same timeframe as Valkyria Chronicles, but has a new set of characters and is set in the Second World War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance.

As usual, players must lead their soldiers to war in the continent of Europa using the turn-based strategy and third-person shooter mechanics that fans have come to love.

Players will lead a crew including young Commander Claude Wallace, engineer/heavy weapons specialist Riley Miller, hothead Darcsen Raz, sniper Kai Schulen and more, including a new class of soldier known as the grenadier.

The game will be released sometime in 2018 across the three platforms worldwide.