Capcom is developing Ace Attorney for Nintendo Switch + other games

Capcom is finally supporting the Switch – maybe those recent sales have helped things along.

Ace Attorney Switch – It’s Happening

It’s taken quite some time, yes, but in an interview with Jiji, Capcom’s COO has said that the company is indeed developing Switch games aimed at release after April next year.

Curiously, and much to the delight of courtroom and crime fans all over, one of these titles will be an Ace Attorney game:

We don’t know whether this will be a new instalment in the lawyering series, but we can certainly hope so. Ace Attorney 7 would be great, but something a little less exciting like HD remasters of the first games could be the actual reality here. The latter is, of course, a safe way of doing things, and while this writer wouldn’t say no, a brand new Ace Attorney game would be a strong addition to the Switch’s growing library.

As for those other titles, we’d imagine a Resident Evil of some sort is potentially on the cards. Could Resident Evil 7: Biohazard even run on the Switch? If Doom can, we suppose it’s possible. Although a Resident Evil: Revelations 3 would be more welcome at this point. We also wouldn’t rule out Street Fighter V and the Mega Man games either.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting news and we can expect to hear more next year.

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