Text-based puzzle game Sorry, James out Friday on PC via Steam

Sorry, James, a text-based puzzle game, is one of the more curious releases on Steam this week.

Sorry, James – Weird Conversations?

In Sorry, James your job is to decrypt a conversation between Thomas Beker, a ‘genius’, AI creator, and his girlfriend, Elisa, called ‘generic girl’.

The idea is that you’ll be hacking a love story that is based on conversations with real people – quite a bit of psychological research has been thrown in there too.

The overall task is to decrypt company files – these files contain bizarre conversations. The question the game is asking is: what can be hidden in a conversation such as these? It’s an interesting discussion point in itself.

There are 50 levels to keep you occupied with around 3-6 hours of gameplay.

It’s certainly different. You can check out the trailer, complete with its unsettling music, below:

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